Painting & Drawing



The Painting & Drawing program consists of three sections.

Painting and Drawing, Advanced Painting and Drawing, and AP Studio.


In the first course, students are encouraged to pursue their interest  and develop their skills in painting and drawing. There are varying skill levels within this course and students are asked to grow at their own pace, gaining experience with various media, tools, and techniques. Experiences with graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencils, pastels, watercolor, tempera, and acrylic are offered.

The Advanced course is intended to give students a more in depth experience, through the strengthening of technical skill, the development of personal expression, and the exploration of their creative potential. Students will expand on their knowledge of the application of the elements and principles of design while introducing students to various art media and techniques. Students work toward improving craftsmanship and building a portfolio of their study in art.

The study of art criticism and art history will continue through participation in lectures and discussion of fine art reproductions in all levels.

After completion of 2 years of Painting & Drawing and Advanced (or after a portfolio review by Mrs. Perales or Mrs. Khurgel) students may continue onto AP Studio Painting & Drawing or 2D Design. Please visit the AP Studio page for more information.

Above: This a collage of several students’ sketchbook covers from 2015 that I posted as a collaborative mini-mural in the hallway. I love this assignment because they come out so different every time!


2020 Re-Cap:

In Painting and Drawing, Miss Vickers really got to bring out her student’s voice and created some incrdible work through Sprin Quarantine. Work to come!


2019 Re-Cap:

Students explored collage, landscape, and portraiture last year and they had incredible results! Most have decided to continue on in the Arts and can be found in the Advanced Drawing & Painting classes on campus now! Proud of their growth!