Intro to Art

Introduction to Art is designed to introduce the basic art elements and principles as they apply to the four components of art education: Art History, Art Expression/Production, Aesthetic Analysis, and Art Criticism. Introduction to Art is intended to provide introductory experiences through the use of a variety of media and techniques that have been utilized by various artists and cultures throughout history. These may include Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Computer Graphics, Sculpture, Design, and Crafts.

Please refer to Canvas for our course syllabus.

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Above: Along with a variety of changes happening this year, one was the furniture in the room. I now have a large demo/work table that I hope will be useful for all of my classes.


Above: This a collage of several students’ sketchbook covers from 2015 that I posted as a collaborative mini-mural in the hallway. I love this assignment because they come out so different every time!