IHSVA Vision Statement

Draft 8/21/17

The vision of the Visual Arts courses seeks to achieve the following  


Irvine High Visual Arts Students will: 

  • increase awareness and observation skills
  • understand and utilize art vocabulary
  • comprehend and incorporate the elements and principles of designing compositions
  • demonstrate creative problem-solving skills
  • explore and understand cultural and historical contexts in art
  • embrace failure and risk-taking as part of the learning process, building perseverance and resiliency
  • develop and refine technique and process skills
  • develop and refine an original visual voice
  • focus on achieving quality craftsmanship
  • produce original artwork reflecting the creative process
  • participate in reflective self evaluations and class critiques
  • become aware of and explore potential educational and career pathways
  • continue exploration and appreciation of the arts
Hannah Kim 2018