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AP 2D Design (Computer Graphics)

AP 2D Design (Photography) Visit Visual Imagery homepage

AP 3D Design

AP Drawing & Painting

AP Art History: Visit APAH homepage

And the show must go on…

Thanks so much to the TimesOC and Ada Tseng for recognizing our talented artists chosen for the Irvine Fine Arts Center Exhibition


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.46.49 PM

Art by Rachel Kim

There’s STILL time to enroll in a VISUAL ARTS course!! *click on this post*



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Visual Imagery/Photographyย +AP2D-PHOTO



COMPUTER GRAPHICS+Adv. Computer Graphics +AP2D Computer Graphics






Please enjoy this video created by iTV, highlighting the importance of the Visual Arts.

The Unified Arts… a place to belong.

This slideshow was created by Bree Sammartino, Visual Imagery student and Yearbook Photo Editor.

You Gotta SEE This! :D

If you missed our AMAZING ITV/Advanced Video production… Unbelievably awesome overcoming our Online Distance Learning!

ITV Broadcast 10.0


Kudos to Rachel Kim for earning 1st Place in the Irvine Fine Arts High School Art Show!



Whoa! Big CONGRATS!…

To the following FABULOUS Irvine High Artists

Scholastic Art GOLD & SILVER Key Award Recipients:

Hannah Kim, Selene Huang, Halley Chang, Sonia Fereidooni, Kiho Lee, Sunwoo Eom, Jaehee Jeung, Rachel Kim

HONORABLE MENTION: Alex Palakian, Angela park, Richard Zhang

College Visit Reminder

Wed. 2/12

Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles will be in UA12 at lunch to preview portfolios and answer questions and presenting in UA7 during 3A

Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles Rep Visit 2/12

2/12 WED. A-day Portfolio Review during lunch in UA7 & Presentation during 3rd.

Marie Claire Macadar, Admissions Counselor at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles will provide a presentation DURING 3A IN UA7 about factors to consider when choosing a college, that touch on Otis specifics as well as some portfolio development tips. The presentation is about 30 minutes long, possibly 40 minutes if allowing time for Q&A.

(PORTFOLIO REVIEW DURING LUNCH IN UA7) Additionally,ย  students who are starting to pull their portfolios together, Iโ€™d be very happy to do some portfolio reviews with students, as a way of giving them fresh feedback and a sense of how to strengthen their portfolios for their applications.

You can see a list of our undergraduate majors here: http://www.otis.edu/majors. That can give you a sense of which classes/students would be interested in our various programs; Fine Arts is just the beginning!