Irvine High School Visual Arts is a comprehensive arts program. For more detailed information about a particular course please contact the following instructor:


Mandy Tucker, Visual Arts Department Chair   email: mandytucker@iusd.org

AP Art History, Photo Arts/Visual Imagery, Adv. Photo Arts/Visual Imagery, AP2D (Photo), Intro to Photo-Journalism

Robin Lux  email: robinlux@iusd.org

Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, AP3D, Intro to Art

Erika Perales @peralesartroom  email: erikaperales@iusd.org

Yearbook, Painting & Drawing, Adv. Painting & Drawing, AP Studio (Painting & Drawing)

Rebeccah Phillips  email: rebeccahphillips@iusd.org

IHS Tech Mentor, ITV, Video/Adv. Video, Art of Film, Animation

Miriam Khurgel  email miriamkhurgel@iusd.org

Computer Graphics/Adv. Computer Graphics, Animation, AP 2D Design

Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach, 2018