College visits & Portfolio Review!

A representative from the Art Institute of Chicago will be visiting and talking about sample portfolios and admissions, ALL are welcome at lunch11/8  in UA11. 


FYI!   meet CalArts representatives at the Los Angeles National Portfolio Day at CalArts on Saturday (October 21) Faculty and counselors will be available to review student work and provide more information about the program. One-on-one meetings are a great way to get constructive advice about building an application portfolio.

The CalArts Graphic Design Program encourages students to become inspired and engaged pathfinders in design and the arts. The program emphasizes both practical and conceptual skills in the development of the designer. The BFA curriculum is structured around small critique-based classes taught by acclaimed faculty and augmented with Critical Studies courses to broaden vision and innovative thinking.


Overview CalArts Graphic Design Program


​​​Applying to the program is easy

See the Application Requirements. ​

The optional Graphic Design Project can be included as part of the portfolio.

Visit us!

See what campus life​​ is all about. Meet the students and faculty, sit in on a design ​critique,​ and​ ​see the labs and studios.

Keep in touch  

Applicants can contact Miranda Hoffs, Art School Admissions Counselor, for more information at or 661.253.7786


The Graphic Design Faculty




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