Interested in going to Art School? Here are some schools who have reached out to our students. Check them out:

Otis College of Art and Design

Rhode Island School of Design

Boston University School of the Visual Arts

Laguna College of Art & Design

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Maryland Institute College of Art

Art Center

Congrats to Rachel Kim!

10th Grade WINNER of the Earth Day Poster Contest!

Earth Day by Rachel Kim


your to-do list when on campus:

  1. enjoy free popcorn while watching our video projects and animation reels in HLG during lunch!
  2. come visit us in the UA building: see the art from visual imagery to AP drawing + painting in the hallway-gallery!
  3. get your art merch from the ua3 graphics store — student-made pins & seed packets for planting!

Our Congresswoman, Katie Porter, needs art for her office!

submissions due April 5th. Make it happen!!

Welcome to Irvine High Visual Arts… Where the MAKING happens!

Please use the menu links above to check out each of our Visual Arts subject areas.

Everyone is WELCOME and encouraged to enroll in our courses from beginning and exploratory (No experience necessary!) to advanced and AP levels, there is a space for you to make and create and express your ideas! We encourage all students to learn fundamental techniques and processes in making and designing, and most importantly strengthen and practice creative thinking and problem solving skills that can be applied in all aspects of education and life-long learning.

Please reach out to any Visual Arts teachers for additional questions and specific program information. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at our programs! And… You BELONG HERE!

High School Art Competition List

An art competition list for this year

2021 Human Rights Poster Contest

Back-to-School-Night Info

Please visit the course links in the above menu to view Visual Arts Info and course syllabi. Questions? Please email a Visual Arts Teacher HERE

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